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Southern Brittany (La Bretagne) provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable sailing holiday along the northwest coast of France. Dream Yacht Charter’s base in the Marina at La Trinité-sur-Mer provides easy access to Quiberon Bay. Experienced sailors will be hard pressed to choose from among so many scenic bays, rivers, ports and islands.

Visit picturesque villages and towns like Vannes and Auray. Walking the cobblestone streets of Vannes’ walled town transports you back in time. You also can explore Île-aux-Moines, Île d’Arz and Gavrinis, three of 42 islands in the Gulf of Morbihan.

Île aux Moines’ scenic walks make it a favorite destination, and Île d’Arz’s lovely creeks and coves are popular stops for taking a dip. The Morbihan region is home to many prehistoric megalith (large stones used as monuments or to construct buildings) structures. Gavrinis—a small, uninhabited island—hosts what may arguably be Brittany’s most impressive Neolithic site (built roughly between 4,500 and 3,000 BC): Its pyramid-shaped stone burial chamber features a long stone passageway whose walls are covered with ancient carvings and artwork.

When sailing along France’s Atlantic coastline, there are endless opportunities to sample the local fruits de mer (seafood), cider and crepes. Tides vary greatly and Brittany’s coast is perfect for skippers with an International Certificate of Competence (an ICC license is required) to gain additional expertise in using the tides and currents in navigation.

Let all your sailing dreams come true in beautiful, historic Brittany!